Townhouse Hotel

PROJECT: Townhouse Hotel

Located in Miami Beach’s Townhouse Hotel, JH and Jonathan Morr envisioned a food experience for the locals, different from traditional hotel offerings. They developed three food and beverage outlets by offering the first free breakfast bar inspired by their European travels, a rooftop bar with ocean views, and a sushi lounge from Jonathan’s New York City outpost, BONDST.

(HOTEL FACTS) Built in 1939, the 71-room five-story building has been creatively redefined by young Paris-based designer India Mahdavi, whose minimalist furnishings provide maximum relaxation and leisure. The hallways have been re-invented with equal flippancy, serving as hangout environments soundtracked in stereo, stocked with benches, newspapers, and comics. “The idea was to create a happy, unpretentious place for people who have style but don’t need to spend a lot of money,” says the multicultural Mahdavi. “People who just want to hang around somewhere that’s both edgy and fun.”

(FOOD AND BEVERAGE FACTS) BondSt Lounge, Miami’s outpost of the famed New York sushi restaurant, is located on the ground floor and is known for its intimate, casual atmosphere and its award-winning menu. Adjacent to the lounge is the lobby, which reinforces Townhouse’s vibe with equal touches of modernity and mischief. From 7am to 11am, complimentary Parisian breakfast is offered, and affordable snacks and beverages are available around-the-clock, as well as complimentary coffee and tea. Townhouse features 71 rooms, and affordable rates.

Twenty-one years later, the Townhouse Hotel brand remains on the Best Affordable Hotels List in North America.


CHEF: Chef Hiroshi Nakamara

SERVICES: Concept Development. Brand Identity, Interiors, Kitchen Planning, Menu Development, OS&E Sourcing, Business Strategy , Financial Forecasting, Technology, Program Curation, Recruitment, Management, Hotel Amenity


Townhouse Hotel







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