Miss Yip Chinese Cafe

PROJECT: Miss Yip Chinese Cafe

For the owners’ namesake restaurant, Miss Yip Chinese Café, Jennie Yip, and partner Amir Ben-Zion, a Chinese food lover, wanted to create a Chinese restaurant for Miami Beach serving Classic American Chinese food, including dim sum.

JH collaborated with designer Paul Niski to assist with the brand identity and interiors of space. The research began by collecting old photos of Chinese tea houses, medicine packaging, and posters for inspiration, and travelled around America to source for Chinese artifacts for the restaurant. In our discovery, we realized the interior design of these tea houses inspired the French to design French restaurants, checkered floors, tin ceilings, and simple wooden tables and chairs, which guided the look and feel of Miss Yip Chinese Café. The female mascot on the bike was used for all to-go packaging, merchandising, uniforms, menus, window detail, delivery car decal, marketing, and across all digital platforms.

Honk Kong Chef Vincent Cheng educated the locals with simple, delicious Chinese food to become a franchise across South Florida.

“ Miss Yip is all about comfort food, the moo shu pork and pepper steak to Joe Allen’s meatloaf and mashed potatoes” – Miami Herald Review.


CHEF: Chef Vincent Cheng

SERVICES: Concept Development (140 seats dining room, catering, delivery), Brand Identity, Interiors, Menu Development, OS&E Sourcing, Business Strategy, Financial Forecasting, Technology, Program Curation, Recruitment, Management

WEBSITE: www.missyipchinesecafe.com



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