Theo Bistro

PROJECT: Theo Bistro

After a New Year’s Eve vacation to Phuket, and dining at a local eatery,  Jenjuice Hospitality’s owner Jennie Yip, and restaurateur, Jonathan Morr, decided to bring the chefs to New York City and offer the same menu to New Yorkers.

Housed in the old UPS Building of Noho, the team hired French designer Frederique Gourmand to transform the two-story space into a stylish restaurant, with a cozy lounge on the second floor with views of World Trade Center.

Theo, named after the General Manager’s adorable son, offered bistro favorites and a robust cocktail menu to the local arts and literary community. Due to it’s proximity to the Twin Towers, Theo closed shortly after 9/11 and was never re-opened.

INTERIOR DESIGNER: Frederique Gormand

CHEF: Executive Chef Spencer Black and Executive Chef Greg Archer

SERVICES: Concept Development (75 seat restaurant, bar), Brand Identity, Interiors, Menu Development, Business Strategy, Financial Forecasting, Management



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