Jenjuice Hospitality’s thoughtful approach to branding and packaging starts with the owner’s vision and the results the guests will feel and experience with the brand.

We work with corporations, hotels, restaurants, bars, and entrepreneurs to achieve their goals, including Logo, Brand Identity, Merchandise, Web Design, Presentation Decks, Hotel Amenities, Illustration, Packaging, Labels, to Cookbooks.

From ideation to purchasing, the process may take 2 weeks to 3 months depending on the scope of work.

Ross Brewing Co. is Red Bank, New Jersey’s craft brewery. Inspired by nostalgic days spent relaxing on the coastal rivers, the brand references sailing in its iconography and typography. Can labels illustrate each river after which the five core beers are named and feature vertical and horizontal beer names–no matter how these cans are displayed, the Ross branding is easy to read. LABELS


Located in the center of Tokyo's Harajuku Station, Hotel Osso is an affordable hotel for the young hip travelers of Japan. JH designed all hotel collateral from doorknob hangers, postcards, in-room amenities to merchandise for the Hotel Beauty Box subscription program. BRANDING. PACKAGING. HOTEL COLLATERAL


Wholesome frozen kids’ food brand Kidfresh needed help preparing to package for a cross-promotion with Nickelodeon. Following this project, a new product packaging for a waffles line and other marketing endeavors such as sell sheets and web ads were created. PACKAGING. BRANDING


JH developed the subscription box concept, Hotel Beauty Box. A quarterly box subscription for people who love to travel and stay in stylish hotels. Each box was curated, sourced, and brought to market on time. BRANDING. PACKAGING. MERCHANDISE. PRINTED COLLATERAL


Legally Addictive Foods is an aptly-named snack food startup in Brooklyn that needed packaging for their new Surprise Party cookie product. The Surprise Party product took off; after its instant success, after that commissioned to redesign the entire packaging concept across all products and update the marketing materials for print and web. PACKAGING. WEBSITE.


Located on the south side of Costa Rica, Hotel Selva is a surf hotel and school for beginners and novices. The branding was fun and playful throughout the hotel, targeting surfers and millennials. BRANDING. PACKAGING. HOTEL COLLATERAL.


Molly was Brooklyn Brewery’s first in-house designer, working alongside and learning from Milton Glaser and Stephen Doyle legends. Molly helped move the brewery’s branding in a more modern direction targeted at the growing population of young, involved craft beer drinkers. Projects included managing a complete packaging overhaul, branding domestic and international beer event series. BRANDING. PACKAGING.


Inspired by small bars in Tokyo, the BUCK15 lounge was a cult-like destination among the young artist and collectors of streetwear. JH collaborated with fashion giant PUMA to design the uniforms and marketing materials. BRANDING. LOGO. NAMING. MERCHANDISE.


Kelvin makes organic slush mixes for frozen drinks in a slush machine or blender. Combining flavor bases and liquors, you can make just about any cocktail in frozen form. As such, the branding uses fun patterns and color blocks in overlapping motifs, highlighting photos of beautifully prepared drinks. BRANDING. PACKAGING DESIGN. WEB DESIGN.


The inspiration for Miss Yip Chinese Cafe started with vintage Chinese posters and packaging of the 1930s. Designed with western influence, people in China used them to decorate their homes. Graphic Designer David Mendl, and interior designer Paul Niski, captured the essence of that era while modernizing the design for Chinese food lovers in America. LOGO IDENTITY


Chasing Sunset is an RV for rent in the Dallas, Texas. This trailer is 15 ft long, and sleeps 4 people, We created a logo that represents the great outdoors and other elements that can be used for merchandise. LOGO IDENTITY